Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems

HV-RO1400-OD Tankless RO System – 400 Gallon And 600 Gallon

  • Hydrovos RO 1400

    HV-RO1400-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 400 Gallon

  • Hydrovos 1600 RO system

    HV-RO1600-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 600 Gallon

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Reverse Osmosis Technology physically separates water molecules from contaminants and flushes the rejected solids and dissolved solids, down the drain, leaving fresh, clean drinking water.

HIGH EFFICIENCY AND WATER SAVING – Produces almost 2 gallons of fresh clean water for every 3 gallons that enter the system. A highly efficient 1.9:1 drain ratio saves you money on your water bill by producing 600% less waste water than traditional RO systems with storage tanks. Please note that all tankless reverse osmosis systems will produce wastewater to discharge impurities.

SATISFYING FLOW OF FRESH WATER – The Tankless RO system’s real-time production delivers newly produced water straight from the dedicated faucet. 400 or 600 Gallons Per 24 Hour Day of clean water! Fills an 8 oz glass in less than 10 seconds!

SPACE SAVING DESIGN – Many RO systems use bulky storage tanks, to store produced clean water. Hydrovos Tankless ROs are “all-in-one”, no need for storage tanks!

INNOVATIVE 2 FUNCTION PRE/POST FILTER – Unique design maximizes filtration capability while minimizing your expense. Single, dual-function pre and post-filter have separate chambers to protect the RO membrane AND provide a final polishing of the fresh, clean water.

EASY INSTALLATION – DIY friendly, all the tankless RO system parts are in the box.

WATER PRESSURE – Hydrovos HV-RO1400-OD and HV-RO1600-OD are designed for household pressures. Hydrovos recommends installing a pressure regulating valve before the tankless RO system if your household pressure exceeds 85 psi.

Tankless RO Replacement Filter Cartridges

Hydrovos Replacement Filters for your HV-RO1400-OD and HV-RO1600-OD. The HV-RO1-PREPOST is interchangeable and fits in the top slot of both the HV-RO1400-OD and the HV-RO1600-OD. The HV-RO1400-ROM Replacement Membrane fits the HV-RO1400-OD System, while the HV-RO1600-ROM fits into slot #2 of the HV-RO1600-OD.

These tankless RO system filters are specifically designed to work with Hydrovos tankless reverse osmosis systems and will remove impurities, chemicals, and contaminants from the water, resulting in clean and fresh drinking water. The tankless reverse osmosis replacement filters are easy to install and cost-effective, making them the ideal choice for households and businesses looking for a reliable water filtration system.

  • HV-RO1400-ROM

    HV-RO1400-ROM Replacement Membrane #2

  • HV-RO1600-ROM

    HV-RO1600-ROM Replacement Membrane #2


    HV-RO1-PRE/POST Tankless Replacement Filter #1

If you are interested in adding a tankless reverse osmosis system to your home, look no further than Hydrovos. Our mission is to provide our customers and their families with clean and tasty drinking water that they can enjoy for years to come. Shop our tankless RO systems today or contact us to learn more!

Hydorovos tankless RO systems feature smart cleaning cycles

Smart Cleaning Cycles

The 3-stage self-cleaning cycles help protect and extend the life of each filter:

  • Routine Cleaning: Automatic flush for 30 seconds every 24 hours. 
  • After-Use Clean: Auto flushes 0.5 second after turning off RO faucet.
  • Startup Cleaning:  Automatic flush 30 seconds every time the RO system is plugged in.


Hydrovos tankless reverse osmosis systems save money

Monitoring and Saving

These tankless RO systems will remind you to replace each filter through the LED light indicators by monitoring the usage time and water flow.

Features an innovative 2-in-1 Pre/Post Filter design. Hydrovos does in one filter what other systems need two filters to do.

Save money by replacing only one filter when compared with other brands which need two.


Hydrovos tankless RO systems panel design

Integrated Panel Design

Hydrovos’ integrated-panel design helps these tankless reverse osmosis systems not only produce clean fresh water, but also give you confidence in their performance.

  • DIY & Easy to install
  • Proprietary Integrated Panel design.
  • Cutting-edge Innovation means higher efficiency and less waste compared with other brands.