HV-RO1400-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 400 Gallon

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An Innovative 400 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Efficiency Redefined: Water Conservation at its Finest - Experience unmatched efficiency and conservation with a Hydrovos tankless water filtration system. These typically yield 2 gallons of pristine water for every 3 gallons processed, efficiently removing impurities while directing only a third of the water to drain. Just see what our tankless RO system reviews say!

Innovative Filtration Technology - Unlock the potential of our innovative 2-function pre/post filter, meticulously engineered to enhance filtration while minimizing costs, featuring separate chambers to safeguard the RO membrane and provide a final polish for the water.

Unveiling Unmatched Performance - Experience the exceptional prowess of Reverse Osmosis System Technology as it separates water molecules from contaminants, whisking away rejected solids and dissolved particles, ensuring fresh and untainted drinking water.

Optimized Water Pressure - Ensure optimal performance with our pressure-adapted design tailored for household pressures (Installation of a pressure regulating valve for pressures exceeding 85 psi is recommended). More information can be found in our tankless RO system reviews!

Uninterrupted Flow: Fresh Water On Demand - Indulge in the uninterrupted flow of newly produced, crystal-clear water straight from the faucet, providing a generous daily output from our 400 GPD reverse osmosis system, ready to quench your thirst.

Space-Saving Innovation - Bid farewell to bulky storage tanks with our space-saving design, as Hydrovos Tankless ROs integrate seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional storage.

Simplified Installation: DIY-Friendly Design - Simplify your installation process with our DIY-friendly system, where all necessary components are conveniently included in the package. Don’t believe us? Check out our tankless RO system reviews to learn more!

Discover the essence of clean water for your home with Hydrovos' revolutionary reverse osmosis filtration systems. Our commitment is simple: to ensure your drinking water is not only safe but also exquisitely refreshing. Say goodbye to traditional tanks and hello to the future of water purification with our cutting-edge tankless reverse osmosis systems. Shop our range of water filtration systems today to unlock the full potential of Hydrovos and experience the difference firsthand. Hydrovos - Clean Water For You.

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8 reviews for HV-RO1400-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 400 Gallon

  1. Stephanie xyz

    Great taste and easy to install

    Style: 400 GPD Verified Purchase
    I have been using this filtration system for a week now, I’m extremely pleased with the quality and taste of the water. The installation is easy, perfect designed to go under my kitchen sink. Great product.

  2. FE

    Two filters setting saves MONEY

    Style: 400 GPD Verified Purchase
    I bought this tankless RO system to replace my aging brondell RO system, which cost $79.99 to replace 3 filters every 6 months. In comparison, I think Hydrovos can save me more money in the long term because its pre post filter only costs $39.99 for every 6 months, but still performs the same functions as brondell’s 3 filters.

    I didn’t realize how compact is the Hydrovos’s system until I put it next to my brondell system. Hydrovos’s size fits well and saves cabinet space.

    Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Alan

    Great tasting water

    Style: 400 GPDVine Customer Review
    I had to hire a plumber to do the installation because I needed a hole drilled into the granite countertop to install the faucet. It took the plumber 10 minutes and he was done. The unit is quality built and engineered, the filters are easy to replace (just like the fridge filter), and you have immediate access to great tasting water directly from the faucet. A great money and environment saver. Excellent value and a must have in every home.

  4. Bob

    Fantastic water filtration system!

    Style: 400 GPD Verified Purchase
    I love my new water filter system! The water tastes so much better, making drinking and cooking more enjoyable. It’s also super quiet, so I don’t get disturbed by any noise. The water flow is perfect and satisfying, making it easy to fill up bottles and pots. Overall, it’s been a great purchase, giving my tastier water, peace and quiet water flow

  5. Bogel

    Compact and great filter

    Style: 400 GPD Verified Purchase
    Just installed the Hydrovos tankless RO system. Great unit comes in compact size and straight forward installation, a video would help though. The unit is compact in size and looks better than my older system; the filter is also cheaper and las

  6. Coda

    Looking for better tasting water?
    Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2023
    Style: 400 GPD Vine Customer Review
    Looking for better tasting water?
    Our city provided water tastes a bit funky in the Summer season. We use this tankless RO system to efficiently provide excellent tasting water with less wastewater production. We use the RO water in our coffee every morning. Additionally, since our 1 year old grandson visits I like that it reduces heavy metals, organic matter, and dissolved solids with a .0001 micron filter. The RO system includes everything needed for installation assuming you already have a counter hole and an electrical outlet. We’ve noticed significant less scale build up in our devices that need water: iron, coffee maker etc.

  7. Nicole

    Very nice compact (for an RO) system!

    Style: 400 GPD Vine Customer Review
    VERY nice RO system. Our previous system had 3 filters AND a tank that had to be stored under the sink. This is significantly more compact and the water tastes just as good. The faucet that came with the unit is really nice and sturdy as well. Our old faucet was fairly flimsy. Overall very nice unit and if you’re looking for something compact this would surely fit the bill.

  8. Raijin

    Great quality tankless reverse osmosis system!

    Style: 400 GPDVerified Purchase
    I originally had the old stage 3 stage reverse osmosis tank system; it did the job but took a lot of space under sink. When my sink rusted through which sparked a mini renovation, I decide to swap it out for a WATERDROP (TSU) tankless water filter. Sadly, the WATERDROP does not remove TDS, therefore the water did not taste as “pure”. Having spent a decent amount of money on the sink, WATERDROP and labor. I stuck with it for the better couple of years to now going back to a RO (tankless) system for better filtration and tasting water. I had originally wanted to go back to WATERDROP, however I found HYDROVOS with an almost 2:1 waste water ratio vs 1:1 of a comparable WATERDROP (and cheaper) I decide to give HYDROVOS a try.

    For the most part the unit seem fairly easy to install and pretty much “plug and use” if you have an ‘similar’ existing water filter system. However, since my existing WATERDROP is not a RO system I did not have a drain line that need to be tap into the sinks drain. Luckily the process is pretty straight forward and all the hardware are included. Also you will need an existing hole in your counter or sink to mount the included faucet/spigot.

    Though its not apple to apple comparing my existing WATERDROP TSU to the HYDROVOS RO1400. The HYDROVOS feels a lot better built, it has more weight and the unit feels solid whereas the WATERDROP is slightly ‘flimsy’. The HYDROVOS is also a tad bigger than the WATERDROP but it’s still space saving especially when compared to my original tank RO system.

    The one thing I really like from HYDROVOS is the much higher quality water faucet/spigot. It feels solidly made and larger than the WATERDROP. It also has an ‘aerator’ on the end which neither the WATERDROP or my old RO’s included spigot had.

    The filter cartridges are a lot larger than the WATERDROP and only require 2 vs 3. I did some calculation and there’s no real dollar saved with having one less filter in my case. But it sure means one less filter replacement throughout the year. A thoughtful after thought is that HYDROVOS included a scannable QR code on the filter which will come in handy when a replacement is needed!

    The only one minor ‘negative’ is the packaging seem a little lacking coming in a brown box. However that aside the product is package very securely and even thought it arrived a little banged up the ample packing material protected the unit very well.

    All in all, the HYDROVOS is a great RO system, it removes TDS and contaminant (as it should) its space saving, tankless and water saving with the 1.9:1 ratio. It’s a solid built unit + spigot while being easy to install with all the hardware included (minus power tools and elbow grease) if you have a fairly similar water filter like in my case. For what you get I recommend it!

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