HV-RO1600-ROM Replacement Membrane #2

Model: HV-RO1600-ROM Replacement Post filter

  • AUTHENTIC HYDROVOS Tankless RO replacement reverse osmosis module – Fits ONLY HV-RO1600-OD reverse osmosis systems. HYDROVOS RO Systems operate at a highly efficient recovery rate, saving up to 50% more water than other RO system designs.
  • 0.0001 MICRON FILTRATION  – Highly effective filtration, can remove particles and suspended or dissolved solids even at the molecular level.
  • 1/4 TURN QUICK CHANGE – Easy Do-It-Yourself filter changes. Change filters in seconds. Filter is designed for 24 months life or longer, even in high use households
  • GREAT TASTING WATER – HYDROVOS Reverse Osmosis Membranes remove the bad, and leave the good. Semi-permeable membrane will remove most particles other contaminants, but allow oxygen and other gases to pass, leaving fresh, clean and great tasting water. Tastes like a fresh, bubbling, mountain stream
  • CLEAN WATER FOR YOU – HYDROVOS Tankless RO Systems produce gallon after gallon of high-quality water for you and your family. Use for drinking, cooking, washing vegetables, making juices, boiling pasta, coffee machines. Even steam irons, humidifiers and tea kettles!

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HV-RO1600-ROM Replacement Membrane #2

This replacement reverse osmosis module is used exclusively in HYDROVOS Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems, Model Number HV-RO1600-OD. The unique and proprietary encapsulated design allows for cleaner, more sanitary use, with touch-free service. Easy, DIY filter changes make service at home a snap! Coupled with the appropriate HYDROVOS HV-RO1-PRE/POST filter element, enjoy fresh clean water every day, without the inconvenience and waste of bottled water. Trust HYDROVOS, we bring Clean Water For You!

HV-RO1600-ROM for HYDROVOS Tankless Reverse Osmosis System, Replacement Filter #2, fits only HV-RO1600-OD tankless reverse osmosis systems, enjoy more than 2 years life, easy DIY filter changes, reduces most dissolved contaminants by 99% or more.

The HYDROVOS HV-RO1600-ROM Replacement Membrane #2 is the replacement filter for the HV-RO1600-OD Reverse Osmosis water filtration system.

CAUTION – This filter does not fit the HV-RO1400-OD Reverse Osmosis System. This filter fits only into slot #2 of the HV-RO1600-OD system.

For more information on how Reverse Osmosis systems work, click here.


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