Inline Filters

HYDROVOS HV-CTO-INLINE-QC Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter provides clean, clear water wherever it can fit. 0.5 GPM flow rate means it is suitable for slow-flow applications like ice machines, water dispensers, RO post-filters, RV water systems, and more! Granular Activated Carbon bed efficiently reduces chlorine smell and taste, as well as other off tastes and odors. NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for Materials Safety.

  • HV-CTO-INLINE QC Granular Activated Carbon Filter

    HV-CTO-INLINE QC Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Changing the way you experience water

HYDROVOS brings you a new way to experience water. Whether you are using it to cook that gourmet Sunday meal for friends, wash your family’s laundry, or quench your child’s thirst after their first soccer match, HYDROVOS will be here, ready to protect your home and your family with clean water. HYDROVOS is Clean Water for You.