HV-RO1600-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 600 Gallon

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Model: HV-RO1600-OD

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• SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Reverse Osmosis Technology physically separates water molecules from contaminants and flushes the rejected solids and dissolved solids, down the drain, leaving fresh, clean drinking water.

• HIGH EFFICIENCY AND WATER SAVING – Produces almost 2 gallons of fresh clean water for every 3 gallons that enter the system. Highly efficient 1.9:1 drain ratio saves you money on your water bill by producing 600% less waste water compared to traditional RO systems with storage tanks. Please note all RO systems will produce waste water to discharge impurities.

• SATISFYING FLOW OF FRESH WATER – Real time production delivers newly produced water straight from the dedicated faucet. 600 Gallons Per 24 Hour Day of clean water! Fills an 8 oz glass in less than 10 seconds!

• SPACE SAVING DESIGN – Many RO systems use bulky storage tanks, to store produced clean water. HYDROVOS Tankless ROs are “all-in-one”, no need for storage tanks!

• INNOVATIVE 2 FUNCTION PRE/POST FILTER – Unique design maximizes filtration capability while minimizing your expense. Single, dual function pre and post filter has separate chambers to protect the RO membrane AND provide a final polishing of the fresh, clean water.

• EASY INSTALLATION – DIY friendly, all the parts are in the box

• WATER PRESSURE – HYDROVOS HV-RO1600-OD is designed for household pressures. HYDROVOS recommends a pressure regulating valve be installed before the system, if household pressure exceeds 85 psi.

HV-RO1600-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

The Hydrovos Tankless Reverse Osmosis RO Water Filtration System brings fresh, clean water to your home. This space saving, award winning tankless design ensures maximum water filtration while taking up less room under the kitchen sink compared to traditional RO units. The filters remove sediment, dirt and other particles from the water. In addition, chlorine taste and odor is also removed, ensuring purer, better tasting water for you and your family. The compact, high performance RO filter and membrane will outlast most RO systems, ensuring fresh filtered water for 6 months. Highly visible filter indicator LED lights to tell you when to change filters for optimal filtration performance.The Hydrovos HV-RO1600-OD RO system comes with every component needed to install the system with regular hand tools. Hydrovos HV-RO1600-OD is designed for household pressures. HYDROVOS recommends a pressure regulating valve be installed before the system, if household pressure exceeds 85 psi. For cold water use only, do not install on hot water line.

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9 reviews for HV-RO1600-OD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – 600 Gallon

  1. JB Tindall

    Pretty darn easy to install!

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    Arrived quickly and well protected in packaging. Installation was easy with provided instructions.
    We’re very happy with the flow, and the quality of the drinking water.
    No leaks in all the connections!

  2. Heng Li

    Great design, easy installation

    Style: 400 GPD Verified Purchase
    I’ve always wanted a water filtration system and decided to give this new product a try. At first glance, the design was good, the unit itself isn’t too heavy. It did came a bit larger than I expected (maybe for my kitchen sink cabinet), but it does fit. Installation took sometime to figure out, I wish there is a video instruction, which I did not find online. Water quality improved significantly with this RO system, I would recommend to my friends and family, in fact, I’m considering getting one for my parents, but will try it out for a few weeks first. Overall, great product!

  3. Victor

    Great RO System

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    Replaced a more traditional RO under kitchen sink. Works great, and very quiet operation.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Space Saving!

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    This is my first tankless RO system and I am very pleased with it. The flow rate is great and there is very little noise from the unit while it is running. Unit was easy to install in place of my previous tank unit. This takes up a lot less room and filters are easy to reach and replace. Overall very pleased with my purchase!

  5. K Brett

    Water is definitely improved!

    Style: 600 GPD Verified Purchase
    The system installed fairly easily with the instructions. The system seemed to improved the water taste almost immediately, and I don’t notice the smell anymore either. There is a slight whirring sound as it cycles the water through, but It is very quiet. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for great tasting water.

  6. Linda

    Solid quality and easy DIY install. Compact size.

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase

    So excited to have an RO system again! We had an old RO with tank that took up too much space, so my husband replaced it with a filter system. I realized right away I didn’t like the taste of filtered tap water. Husband did the install which he said was easy and we were able to use our current designer spigot. the flow rate was not as strong as a filter system, but it was good for an RO system. All install parts were in the box and honestly, I was able to keep all my under-sink kitchen items. Video was my husband and daughter having some fun. Only problem we had were bubbles coming out of the spigot. after a couple of gallons of water, it fixed itself.

  7. Casey

    Greatly improves hard water

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    Nice unit and installation was straightforward. Reduces our TDS from 435 to under 50. It’s a bit noisy but only when it’s filtering. Most of the time, it’s not running, so the sound is not a big issue.
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  8. Chris B.

    On demand RO works very well.

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    Compact space saving design! These tankless on demand RO units are fantastic. Recommend getting a “mini tank” that will resolve the pressure drop experienced as the system starts up. Note this startup pressure issue is common with any on demand RO system, frizzlife, water drop etc and not an issue with only this unit.

    Works well, recommended for any install as this unit performs the same if not better than others and it is more cost effective!

  9. Christine Sechrist

    Love our new water filter system!!!

    Style: 600 GPDVerified Purchase
    This system is everything we hoped it would be!!! It was easy to install and very compact, taking up a narrow place under the sink. There is a definite improvement in the taste of the water!!! We are new to this type of system and are very pleased with everything about it! Highly recommend it!

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