Whole House Premium Valve-in-Head Housing with 5 Micron Filter

Model: HV-WHP10-VIH-5M

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  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR WHOLE HOME – HV-WHP10-VIH-5M provides protection for your pipes, fixtures, water-using appliances, and everywhere you use water in your home.
  • TRANSPARENT FILTER HOUSING WITH BUILT IN SHUT-OFF VALVE – Transparent housing allows viewing of the filter as it removes contaminants from your water. Incorporated valve-in-head shut-off makes filter changes easy. 1/4 turn of the handle puts the system in bypass, allowing removal of the sump and changing of the filter.
  • STAINLESS STEEL INLET/OUTLET PORTS – Rugged 3/4” threaded ports for easy installation using common fittings. Everything you need is available at your local home improvement center.
  • PATENTED F.I.T.SECURE COMPRESSION ADAPTER – Change filters with ease and confidence, knowing that you can attain a leak-free seal without tools. A filter housing wrench is included.
  • NSF® CERTIFIED  – HV-WHP10-VIH-5M is tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials safety and structural integrity. Protect your family with confidence!
  • WATER PRESSURE: HYDROVOS HV-WHP10-VIH-5M is designed for indoor use only in residential applications with standard household water pressures. HYDROVOS recommends a pressure regulating valve be installed before the system if household pressure exceeds 85 psi.
  • BEST RESULTS – For best results, use only genuine HYDROVOS replacement filters.


HV-WHP10-VIH-5M Whole House Premium Valve-in-Head Housing with 5 Micron Filter

HV-WHP10-VIH-5M Whole House Premium System – 5 micron filter, Valve-in-Head Housing. Features built-in shut off valve in the filter head, easy shut off for filter replacement, for use with HYDROVOS Standard Whole House Water Filters includes HV-WHS10-5M

HYDROVOS HV-WHP10-VIH-5M Premium System – 5 micron filter, Whole House Water Filtration System provides clean, clear sediment free water throughout your home. Use with HYDROVOS Water Filters such as the standard HV-WHS10-5M, 5 micron water filter, or HV-CTOS10-PREM premium water filter. Built in shut off valve makes filter changes easy and fast. Patented F.I.T.SECURE Compression Adapter technology helps make leak free seals without over-tightening the housing. Trust HYDROVOS – We bring Clean Water for You!

Manual HV-WHP10-VIH-5M Manual


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