Carbon Block Water Filters 10″


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  • WELL SUITED FOR MULTIPLE USES – HV-CTO-BLK can be used in whole house filter housings, RO filter housings and single drinking water filter housings. 9 7/8” length, 2 1/2” diameter, universal fit filter will work with many standard filter housings including Hydrovos models HV-WHS10-PRV and HV-WHP10-VIH-5M.
  • 5 MICRON CARBON BLOCK – Provides efficient dirt removal while improving taste and odor. When used as a whole house filter, in a housing installed at the point of entry to the home, will improve taste and odor at every fixture. When used under sink (kitchen, bath or RV), will provide high quality great-tasting water from the cold water faucet or a dedicated drinking water faucet. Also great as an RO prefilter in RO systems with standard housings.
  • BROAD APPLICABILITY  – Hydrovos HV-CTO-BLK Carbon Block filters fit Hydrovos 10” Standard housings, HV-WHS10-PRV and HV-WHP10-VIH, as well as a wide variety of standard diameter 10” length housings. The filter size 2.5” x 9 7/8” is an industry standard followed by most manufacturers. Feel confident in your replacement filter choice!
  • NSF CERTIFIED – HV-CTO-BLK is tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials safety. Protect your family with confidence!
  • TRUST HYDROVOS – Hydrovos means Clean Water For You! With a broad range of products for use in all areas of your home, you can trust Hydrovos to bring the cleanest water everywhere you use it.


HV-CTO-BLK – 10″ Carbon Block Water Filters

HYDROVOS HV-CTO-BLK Carbon Block Water Filters provide clean, clear water at your sink or throughout the home. Use with HYDROVOS Housings or as a replacement for many manufacturer’s housings, including Dupont, APEC, Pentair, American Plumber, CUNO Aqua Pure, etc. 5 micron filtration means we can remove particles as small as a human red blood cell, or even smaller! Carbon Block efficiently reduces chlorine smell and taste, as well as other off tastes and odors. Perfect solution as a replacement filter for reverse osmosis systems with standard prefilter housings. Trust HYDROVOS – Clean Water for You!


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