A newly released study indicates that nearly half of US tap water supplies are contaminated with potentially dangerous “forever chemicals” of the category of PFOA/PFOS. These chemicals have been linked to health problems such as cancer as well as others. The study examined 32 types of “forever chemicals” out of over 12,000 different types. 

The water sources near large cities as well as areas involved in chemical production or waste collection had substantially higher levels of contamination than those found in other regions. Regions like the Great Plains, Great Lakes, Eastern Seaboard, and Central/Southern California were particularly affected.

Many experts recommend using water filtration systems to reduce exposure to such chemicals. However, not all filters can remove these chemicals effectively, so Hydrovos recommends you check the certifications when making your product decision. While the EPA and other government agencies work to clarify the compliance and maximum contaminant levels, you can take steps to help protect your family from potentially ingesting these potential contaminants. 

Hydrovos has introduced an affordable filtration system, HV-DWSP-FF, which can help to reduce PFOA/PFOS aka forever chemicals in household drinking water. This product carries the IAPMO Certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for the reduction of PFOA/PFOS. 

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