Whole House 10″ Large Capacity Filter Housing

Model: HV-WHBB10-PRV

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  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR WHOLE HOME – HV-WHBB10-PRV, when used with Hydrovos High Capacity Whole House filters like HV-WHBB10-25M, provides protection for your pipes, fixtures, water-using appliances, everywhere you use water in your home. Shut off the water to the home and press the PRV to relieve pressure in the housing. Use the filter wrench (included) to loosen and spin off the sump. Change filters in minutes!
  • PATENTED F.I.T.SECURE COMPRESSION ADAPTER – Change filters with ease and confidence, knowing that you can attain a leak-free seal without tools. Filter housing wrench is included.
  • LARGE INLET/OUTLET PORTS – Equipped with 1” NPTF female pipe thread ports, for use in most homes. Designed for 1” pipe or larger, or for homes with more than 4 people or more than 3 bathrooms. High-capacity cartridges and larger flow ports mean higher flows with less pressure drop.
  • NSF® CERTIFIED – HV-WHBB10-PRV is tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials safety and structural integrity. Protect your family with confidence!

  • WATER PRESSURE: HYDROVOS HV-WHBB10-PRV is designed for indoor use only in residential applications with standard household water pressures. HYDROVOS recommends a pressure regulating valve be installed before the system if household pressure exceeds 85 psi.
  • BEST RESULTS – For best results, use only genuine HYDROVOS replacement filters.




Hydrovos HV-WHBB10-PRV Filter WHOLE HOUSE BB10″ LARGE CAPACITY FILTER HOUSING, Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), aids in easy filter replacement, NSF Certified, for use with Hydrovos High Capacity Whole House Water Filters including HV-WHBB10-25M and HV-WHBB10-5M HYDROVOS HV-WHBB10-PRV Whole house 10″  Housing provides clean, clear water throughout your home. Use with HYDROVOS High Capacity Water Filters such as HV-WHBB10-5M, 5-micron water filter. Built-in pressure relief valve makes filter changes easy and fast. Patented F.I.T.SECURE Compression Adapter technology helps make leak-free seals without over-tightening the housing. Trust HYDROVOS – We bring Clean Water for You!

Manual HV-WHBB10-PRV Manual


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